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What is our WHY?

D – Divine = Our Divine calling is to bear witness 

IIntervention = Our goal is to intervene and provide hope for people 

G – God = We are guided by God to be ethical in all that we do

N – Natured = We are good natured organization endowed by God to help those in need

I – Inspired = We are inspired to be impartial in all our undertaking  

TTeaching = Our goal is to teach others on how to better themselves 

YYearn = We yearn to help others bridge the gap that separated them before God sent them our way!

Dignity Missions


Our purpose is to improve lives through educational opportunities, training young and old people on various trades and enabling people to be self-sustaining.


Our mission is to teach others how to better themselves through education and other trades of their choice.


Our vision is to create a level playing field for the less fortunate by providing them with opportunities to be self-sustaining.

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What We Do!

Evangelism and Discipleship:

We established a Seventh Day Adventist Church in the village of Mbiokporo2. We teach young and old people about personal relationship with Christ.

Feeding Villagers of Mbiokporo2:

Dignity missions has been providing food to the villagers of Mbiokporo2 since 2008. We are passionate about providing quality and nutritious food to the indigenes of Mbiokporo2. There are thousands of children and single mothers in need of support for their families. Our goal is to continue to provide food to those in need.

Medical Clinic:

Dignity Missions, in partnership with Mbiokporo2 Development Association (MDA), built a Medical Health Center to provide free medical care for all the villagers of Mbiokporo2 and the surrounding villages. Dignity Missions also helped with the constructions of the borehole that supplies water to the health center.

Educational Support:

Dignity Missions has an ongoing educational training programs for qualify villagers to attend universities, trades such as sewing, beauty care/barber, pharmacy tech training, automobile technician, etc.

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  • Christmas in Mbiokporo 2, Nigeria

  • Medical Mission

  • Church in Mbiokporo 2

Meet The Founder

Dr. Dana Nkana

Dr. Dana Nkana is a native of the village of Mbiokporo2. He is the President of Dignity Missions. No one understands the pain and suffering of the villagers of Mbiokporo2 than Dr. Nkana. For many years he was one of the kids in that village with no hope of ever having a better future. The village of Mbiokporo2 has one of the poorest educational opportunities for young and talented children? Dignity Missions is committed to making positive impact for these underprivileged young and talented children. In addition, Dignity Missions currently subsidizes the tuition and cost of living for students from the village of Mbiokporo2. The organization also funds the purchase of school supplies, provides health education, and assist individual students with books and uniforms.

Dignity Mission also provides financial assistance to widows and single mothers to enable them start small businesses and other economic endeavors that can positively impact their lives. Dignity Missions also provide resources to support young villagers to make their dreams become a reality. The goal and missions of dignity missions is to improve economic development and promote entrepreneurship to give the villagers the necessary resources to improve their lives. Dr. Nkana is bless with a supporting wife that encourages him to give back to his people of Mbiokporo2 even though she is not from there. Dr. Nkana is passionate about helping others and providing opportunities to those that have the potential of excelling in life, but have limited resources to pursue their dreams. Dr. Nkana believes that if something is possible, he will do it, but if it is impossible, he will try it. To God be the glory!

Welcome to Dignity Missions

What they are talking
about Dignity Missions

  • Idoreyin Akan-Imo

    First Year Seamstress in Training >>>
    “Thank you very much and may God bless Dignity Missions.” 

  • Hezekiah Monday Nkanga

    “Thank you so much for all your support!”

  • Philanthropist Clement

    Student >>>
    “Thank you for your help and may God continue to bless Dignity Missions.”

  • Ubong Etim Awak

    Second Year Pharmacy Tech in Training >>>
    “Good day Sir. Please I really want to take this time out to thank and appreciate You! For being such a constant and generous supporter to my life. I will forever appreciate the tender and selfless care and compassion you have for me. My God will reward you bountifully!! And the Lord almighty will continue to protect, guide, bless, and care for you and your family in Jesus Name AMEN. Sincerely, Ubong.

  • Johnson Ime Sunday

    Second Year Agricultural Engineering student >>>
    “Thanks once again for the money am glad you have helped me. God bless you more. I promise to always remain a blessing to others, thank you very much sir. Thanks once again for the money am glad you have helped me. God bless you more!”

  • Emem Akpan

    Second Year Seamstress in Training >>>
    “Thank you for giving help.”